Everyday with GPT

At the end of November 2022, a new era of Artificial Intelligence development began with the launch of ChatGPT, which drew the attention of many people to large language models such as GPT-4. A few days later, I personally experienced this technology and almost immediately connected it with the fact that I program and automate many elements of my private and professional daily life. In this way, I got to know the capabilities and limitations of available AI tools from a practical side.

Everyday with GPT features:

  • Possibilities and limitations of GPT-4 🧩

  • Theory of model operation 🧠

  • Techniques of designing prompts 🎨

  • Work principles and best practices 📚

  • Contextual actions (e.g., quick corrections and translations - see below) ⚡

  • Ready-made Shortcuts macros (iOS) 📲

  • Ready-made snippets for the heyalice.app 📌

  • Automation scenarios combining GPT-4 with various services ⚙️

  • Examples of practical application of GPT-4 in daily tasks 📝

  • Ways of processing long text 📜

  • Example of generating graphics with GPT-4 🎨

  • Integration of GPT-4 with Spotify 🎵

  • Voice integration with ElevenLabs 🗣️

  • Voice-to-text conversion with Whisper 🎙️

  • Organizing knowledge and easier skill acquisition 🧠

  • Applications in a business context, for example, a conversation with your own knowledge base 💼

  • Examples of AI applications in Copywriting, Marketing, Sales, and Programming 💡

The authors have outdone themselves once again! 💪 This e-book is a brilliantly written guide to the capabilities of the amazing tool that is undoubtedly GPT-4. It's a goldmine of inspiration on how to (relatively) simply harness its power to automate your daily tasks. I highly recommend it! 🔥
— Czarek

Today, at every step, I am accompanied by Alice, an AI assistant connected to sources of knowledge, my applications, and devices. The possibilities associated with this, higher efficiency, and convenience also began a "new era" in my work style. Developing such a system required a lot of time and work related to finding solutions, designing them from scratch, and bypassing various limitations. From a hindsight perspective, I see that it was not only worth it but also that many of the solutions I developed can be made available to others.

To fully utilize the potential offered by the combination of automation and generative artificial intelligence, it is also necessary to understand how we can work with models made available, for example, by OpenAI. In this publication, you will find everything you need to make GPT-4 a part of your everyday life. I mean knowledge about the operation of models, prompt design techniques, ready-made Shortcuts macros (macOS), Alice application snippets (macOS/Windows), and make.com automation scenarios. As a result, GPT-4 will become available to you anywhere on your computer and phone (iOS).

I highly recommend you to get acquainted with the free introductory chapter of our e-book. It will allow you to assess whether this material is for you. At the same time, you will find knowledge in it that will help you better understand GPT-4.

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Thank you so much for this compilation. It succinctly showcases the whole array of very useful GPT use-cases along with detailed instructions and macros to download. I read it once, took notes and immediately planned to review many issues again after finishing.
— Marcin

The "Everyday Life with GPT-4" is the third edition and comprises 135+ pages of knowledge and techniques for working with OpenAI models and their practical application through macros and automations. Despite the theory also being applicable to ChatGPT or Bard, this book focuses on direct integration with GPT-4, enabling various tasks with a single keyboard shortcut.

The book also contains a comprehensive Table of Contents covering topics from basic concepts to advanced applications, including data security, cost control, and conversation techniques with GPT-4.

The Internet is currently riding a wave of hype for GPT-4. Guys were observing the topic before it was cool! :) In the e-book, you'll learn what this topic is all about. The guys share knowledge that can save dozens of hours of work a month. They focus on the practical implementation of GPT into the reader's actions. I read the e-book in one breath, implemented it, and I recommend it :)
— Michał

Here’s more of what you’ll understand with it:

  • Capabilities and Limitations of GPT-4: Understanding what GPT-4 can and cannot do.

  • Theory of Model Operations: Insights into how these models function.

  • Prompt Design Techniques: Guidelines for crafting effective prompts.

  • Best Practices and Working Principles: Strategies for optimal use of GPT-4.

  • Contextual Actions: Such as quick corrections and translations.

  • Ready-Made Macros and Automations: Including Shortcuts (iOS), snippets for heyalice.app, and automation scenarios combining GPT-4 with various services.

  • Practical Applications of GPT-4: Examples in everyday tasks, long text processing, graphic generation, Spotify integration, voice integration with ElevenLabs, voice-to-text with Whisper, knowledge organization, and applications in business contexts like interacting with a personal knowledge base.

  • AI Applications in Copywriting, Marketing, Sales, and Programming

Who is this publication for?

This bundle is aimed at those familiar with ChatGPT and wanting to optimize its use in their daily tasks. The provided macros and scripts do not require prior knowledge of specific tools, and the authors include instructions for their implementation. The book is designed for users at all levels of familiarity with GPT-4, offering easy-to-adapt examples and ideas for customization to meet individual needs.

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    No. But this is what AI would answer, right?

  • Do you accept refunds?
    Yes. Within 14 days of purchase, but please, read free chapter first as every refund costs us real money.

  • Will I be able to create Bitcoin trading AI bot after reading?

    No! Wait… maybe?

  • Is this only an e-book?

    It’s more than that. You will find some blueprints, automations and examples in the bundle. But most of the content is ebook. Text + images.

Table of Contents

  • Everyday Life with GPT-4

  • Glossary of Terms

  • What GPT-4 Can and Cannot Do?

  • "Predicting the Next Word"

  • Limitations of the Model's Base Knowledge

  • Limitations of the Model's Nature

  • Capabilities of the Model

  • Conversation Context

  • Data Security

  • Cost Control

  • First Conversation with GPT-4

  • Return to the Theory of Large Language Models

  • When Using GPT-3.5/4 is (Rather) a Bad Idea

  • Own Database as a Conversation Context

  • Application in Critical Processes

  • Corporate and Private Data and Possible Solutions

  • Consequences of Operating on a Large Scale and the Role of Optimization

  • Speed of Operation and Stability of OpenAI Services

  • Techniques for Conversing with GPT-4 and Designing Prompts

  • External Sources of Knowledge on Generative AI

  • Prompt Structure

  • Role

  • Instruction

  • Prompt Context

  • Examples

  • Query

  • Completion / Model Response

  • Connecting with OpenAI and GPT Models via API and Integration with the Computer

  • Privacy Protection

  • Shortcuts, make.com, and Alice

  • Generating API Key and Establishing Connection

  • Macros and Automations

  • Shortcuts Macros, Alice Snippets, and Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Contextual Actions, Text Transformation, and Contact with GPT-4

  • (Advanced) Remote Actions and Task Management with GPT-4

  • Voice Interaction with GPT-4 (+ ElevenLabs)

  • Inspirations and Practical Applications of GPT-4

  • Editing and Enhancing Text Readability with GPT-3.5-Turbo

  • Entertainment and GPT-4 as a Personal Spotify DJ

  • Managing Events in the Calendar

  • Generating Graphics

  • Personalized Knowledge Acquisition System with Feedly Working with Long Text

  • Converting Voice Notes to Text

  • Quick Notes and Their Organization with the Help of AI

  • Conversation with Your Own Database

  • General Explanation of Connecting GPT-4 with Your Own Database

  • Preparing Data for GPT-4's Long-Term Memory

  • Data Privacy

  • Costs Associated with Your Own Knowledge Base

  • Effectiveness of Providing Answers

  • Updating Information

  • Production Application

  • AI in a Professional Context

  • AI in Copywriting

  • AI in Programming

  • AI in Marketing and Sales

  • Conclusion

Buy the bundle — $99 📖