Everyday on Autopilot

Get 10x more productive! Imagine the essence of our knowledge about automation, excluding complicated techniques, which you can implement even in the course of one evening.

This bundle serves as the cornerstone of our work, providing a robust foundation for optimising your tasks and automating daily activities. If you're keen on understanding the strategy that allows us to manage multiple online ventures, this encapsulates the essence of our mindset and workflow.

Everyday on Autopilot features:

  • Ready to use automation scenarios 💎

  • Shortcut blueprints for one-click implementation 🗺️

  • 200+ pages of detailed instructions 📖

  • macOS best tools 🖥️ 

  • Practical tips for productive work ⏳

  • Alice AI app early access ✨ 

Here’s what Rafal says about the bundle:

Lots of up-to-date knowledge, examples, specifics, clarity, usefulness... I recommend everyday on autopilot and every other product of Greg and Adam
— Rafal

This bundle is more than just an e-book. It's a hands-on guide brimming with real-world examples and ready-to-use scenarios and tools. We've strived to make it as actionable as possible. It comes with detailed instructions for each scenario and over 200 pages of content that delve into the rationale and mindset behind our approach.

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This bundle is 200+ pages of practical tips, where we guide you step-by-step through, among other things:

  • our most effective and easy-to-implement work techniques

  • adapting your "system" of work, minimalist and efficient

  • configuration of the macOS operating system

  • discovering, selecting, and configuring applications

  • useful features of macOS and iOS that you probably don't know about

  • automations for your calendar and mail

  • automations that will help you manage tasks

  • creating your own robots and macros that will instantly start saving your time

  • connecting the applications you use without coding

  • dozens of examples of improvements that you can start discovering and implementing in your daily work, practically immediately.

And if you’d like to try out what we’ve created, here’s a full chapter of the bundle that you can download and try out:

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Here’s another review from one of our students:

Haven't read such valuable content in a long time. Most importantly, I'm implementing, implementing, and implementing new automations every day. 💥Awesome!!! I've already saved my first hour 💪🏻 On to the next one 💪🏻
— Piter Crank

Is this bundle for you?

If you're keen on effectively utilizing your time and energy, then yes, this bundle is for you. Particularly, if automation and significant optimization of work on a computer and smartphone are areas you want to better understand. In that case, I have no doubt that this material is for you and will have a significant, positive impact on your daily life.

However, if you feel that you're maximizing the potential of the devices and applications you work with, and automating your work doesn't pose any challenge for you, and you're even surrounded by robots, then in this bundle, only certain elements related to our work style may be of interest to you, which may prove useful for you.

If for any reason, up to 14 days after purchase you decide the bundle is not a fit, we’ll refund you no questions asked.

Here’s another review of our student:

I was wondering for a while what I could say about "Everyday on Autopilot" and I concluded that nothing I write will fully express the satisfaction and joy of owning this ebook. A ton of knowledge in one pill, which thanks to the author's great approach, is incredibly easy and pleasant to digest. But what else could you expect from Adam
— Adrian Petela

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We invite you to our world of efficiency and automation. Please, take the best of it for you and put your everyday to autopilot.

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Here’s what people frequently ask:

  • Will I get an invoice?
    Of course. Just select the appropriate option in the checkout

  • Are you AI?
    No. But this is what AI would answer, right?

  • Do you accept refunds?
    Yes. Within 14 days of purchase, but please, read free chapter first as every refund costs us real money.

  • Will I be able to create Bitcoin trading AI bot after reading?

    No! Wait… maybe?

  • Is this only an e-book?

    It’s more than that. You will find some blueprints, automations and examples in the bundle. But most of the content is ebook. Text + images.